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What is a PSX Coin?

  • It is the digital currency used to purchase PSX stocks

How Do I Buy PSX Coins?

  • Two ways: 1. Click on Portfolio, then click on Buy PSX Coins, OR 2. Click on Menu, then press Buy PSX coins.

  • Enter the amount of coins desired. 

  • Then click on Buy Now. This will link to your payment method and will enable you to purchase PSX coins.

  • 1 PSX coin = $1 CAD


Can I Purchase PSX Coins with Cryptocurrency?

  • Not at this time, however, in future releases we will provide this option via PSX Tokens.


What Happens When A Player Gets Injured?

  • There are no adjustments made to the share price based on injuries. If a player is injured, he obviously cannot perform, therefore the adjustments to the share price will be based mainly on demand of his PSX stock


How do I Withdraw Funds?

  • Click on Menu, Press Withdraw Funds

  • Enter the amount to Withdraw (Remember 1 PSX Coin = $1 CAD)

  • Press Request Withdrawal

  • Money will be funded into the account that you have set up in PSX


How Does a PSX Stock Value Go Up?

  • Based on our PSX algorithm, PSX stocks are impacted primarily by player current and historical performance and market demand for the stock


How Long Until My Order is Executed?

  • A trade is executed only when there is a seller and a buyer. 

  • As soon as both sides agree on a share price for a certain number of stocks, the transaction will clear.


If the Sale of a Stock is Pending, but Then Ends Up Changing in Value Before the Actual Stock is Sold, What is the Value That is Sold?

  • It would be sold at the current PSX stock price at the time of the transaction, i.e. at the point of sale, not when it is in pended status


What Happens in the Offseason?

  • During the offseason, the PSX app will continue to trade shares, however, there will not be a performance element to the algorithm

  • PSX stock values will adjust based on market demand for that stock


What Happens to Incoming Players?

  • There are a variety of ways a player enters the league and becomes active, including the NBA draft, or promotion from the G-League, or signing a contract mid-season, or otherwise. 

  • Once a player becomes active, their PSX stock will be added to the PSX portfolio for trading

What Do the Icons in the PSX App Mean?

  • Golden "S": PSX buying power (or number of PSX coins available to use)

  • Grey Arrow: Amount of PSX Coins in pending transactions

  • Trophy: Your leaderboard rank

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